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13-Sep-2017 08:21

However, sometimes I had to mute that reflective voice when Cam was remembering a specific moment that would become a scene in the novel—or at least turn the volume way down on it—to better help you, as a reader, just be there in those moments with her.

It’s a tricky negotiation and it doesn’t work the same for every scene in the book.

We’ve never just “fit right in,” and that experience of being slightly apart makes a person really develop into a brilliant, complicated thing.

So it is with great lovely excitement that I present to you this fantastic and totally epic Cameron Post Post, which contains answers to questions.

That sounds sort of silly, maybe, but it’s as accurate a piece of my process as I can explain it. How do your Montana roots impact your queer identity? We’ve only been here for a year and a half but both my wife and I are completely in love with Providence. I’ve always been really drawn to New England, for whatever reason (too many John Updike/John Irving novels…) and if we don’t live here forever, for always, it will likely still be somewhere coastal (the Pacific Northwest is very nice, too.) But, despite that, I think I’ll always consider myself a Montanan.

All of my most formative years were spent there, and the whole of my immediate family still lives there—which means I’m back in MT at least once a year, often more than that.

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I don’t know that this answer is very satisfying to anyone. Sometimes they cock their heads, ask me to elaborate.But, I think her narration also reveals some of the ways in which she hasn’t yet processed all of these experiences as fully as she might pretend to, and, in fact, telling the story is helping her to do some of this processing.

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