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Ann matured faster than Andy did; while Ann entered into a career in nursing, Andy was lazy and unmotivated.After being dumped by Ann, Andy begins living in the pit.Andy also becomes the new coach of one of the two youth basketball teams, with Ron serving as the other coach.Andy's coaching style is much lazier than Ron's strict style.This later causes him problems with April, who continues to believe he is still in love with Ann.Andy has been unsuccessfully trying to get in touch with April.Pratt was credited as a guest star for the first season, despite appearing in every episode; he is part of the main cast for every season after season one.Pratt summarized Andy Dwyer as "dim-witted and guileless and a real idiot, but lovable." At the start of the series, Andy Dwyer is dating Ann Perkins.

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He declines Tom's offer and instead joins Leslie's campaign as her assistant and head of security, a role he enjoys very much.Simultaneously, Ann begins to show similar feelings for Andy after her relationship with Mark ends.

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