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31-Dec-2017 15:28

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From a user's perspective, that should get you closer to swiping right on the people you actually like more often.

But Super Likeable also provides a way for Tinder to better train its matching algorithms.

The more you swipe, the sharper the predictions become, and (theoretically, at least) the more likely you are to swipe right on the profiles Tinder expects you will.

Tinder won't explain exactly how its algorithms work, but Brian Norgard, Tinder’s chief product officer, says Super Likeable synthesizes all kinds of data from a user's past swipes to predict future matches.

In some ways, the feature seems to further reduce the matching process to criteria on a checklist, resurfacing the same "types" that people already know they like: men with beards, or women who wear glasses.

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You like someone's profile (right), or you don't (left).“The beauty of our swiping-based algorithms is that people’s actions tend to be true to what they really want, not what they think they want."Either way, Super Likeable promises to be the next step in Tinder's quest to understand exactly which type of people you'll swipe right on.