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I felt the millions of grains of sand, hot against my fingers and the cool breeze against my face, - a relief from the sweltering sun.

I heard the sea crawling onto the sand and, further away, the same monster dashing against the rocks.

Which reminds me of my neighbor, Colin.) My main reason though, is to provide companionship.

My first thought was to bring a human companion, (me Jane, you Tarzan), but I don't know anyone who would want to be stranded with me and I wouldn't want to live alone with someone I had brought against their will....

– Lost, Survivor, etc.) However, William Golding wrote this novel as an allegorical tale meaning that everything – including characters, props, and actions – is attached to something deeper.

When examining this story closer, Golding includes a general theme that the true nature of man is bad.

England settled Roanoke Island present-day Virginia. Sir Raleigh soon became a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I (Aron 1).

Sir Walter Raleigh obtained a patent from Queen Elizabeth I to found a colony in the New World (Encyclopedia Americana International Edition 1).

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[tags: survival skills] - First Day on a Deserted Island The first thing that hit me was the smell. The tantalizing scent of washed-up waves and bananas all rolled into one.We were faced with challenges from the moment we arrived on the island.Thirty strangers thrown together and forced to figure out how to survive. Second, we had to decide what was the most efficient way to go about doing this.He also injects many religious and biblical parallels that can be seen throughout the book....

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[tags: fiction, deserted island, man's nature] - ‘Treasure Island’ was written by Robert Louis Stevenson and published in 1883, although it previously appeared in children’s magazine ‘Young Folks’ between 18 under the title of ‘The Sea Cook’ but it was later changed to ‘Treasure Island’.

This led to a unity among the class, which eventually deteriorated.

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