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05-Oct-2017 05:16

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After that, even a bacon treat won’t tempt him back into the stroller.

When I eventually plonk him back into it, he jumps straight out.

Over five-hundred submissions later, a community arose, led by the team at

This site has undergone several iterations since then, and the latest is perhaps the most exciting.

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This train of thought manifested last night when I stayed up too late designing a crappy t-shirt again.Once past his favourite lamp-post he’ll stop and look up at me pathetically, as if to say he can’t walk another step.There’s no shortage of online advice about OAPs - and no shortage of merchandise for them, either. website Posh Puppy Boutique to help George on and off my bed?Not only is there a new layout, new ways to listen & download, but there's a new collaboration feature powered by Blend.

As always, there are 5,000 free remixes available for download, direct downloads of multitracks for remixing, an upload area for remixes/unnofficial remixes/fan inspired songs/fan inspired poetry, and a new chat feature for discussing audio/daws/remixing.Expensive ramps to help them in and out of the car, a ‘Bottoms Up’ leash girdle to support their swaying rear ends, senior dental chews for their remaining teeth - and even doggie dentures. Available in oak or mahogany, these have non-slip treads, wrought-iron railings, a mezzanine with interchangeable gates and a removable door. Maybe the answer to George’s night-time needs is to buy him an indoor Pet Loo. Swaddled in a black polo-neck sweater - old dogs feel the cold more than young ones, they tell me - George looks positively regal as he peers down on the four-legged plebs who are having to walk.

TBSL gives a life-saving meal packet to a child in need for every fruit and nut bar sold. Executive Producers Geralyn White Dreyfous Dan Cogan Sally Jo Fifer Lois Vossen Vijay Vaidyanathan Vasant K.… continue reading »

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