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The 23-year-old Cake Kit entrepreneur and wannabe Richard Branson also looked as if he’d had a close encounter with a Fake Bake spray gun (though rumours that a company had set up a booth for the family the night before in The Goring Hotel were quickly denied).Smartly and slightly flamboyantly dressed in tail coat, pale yellow waistcoat, blue shirt with white collar and a purple tie (with a tie pin sporting that ubiquitous oak motif), he didn’t smile much, but he did get all his words out without a single stumble and seemed to know it all off by heart.They served like lights on a runway to guide the Middletons to take-off as the family became linked for ever to the British monarchy.Her slinky frock, like her sister’s, by Sarah Burton at Alexander Mc Queen, was made of ‘heavy, ivory, satin crepe’ and sported the same embroidery and buttons as her sister’s dress, but had youthful cupped sleeves, a surprisingly low cowl-neck — for an abbey — and a resulting suggestion of cleavage.

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A new TV show is in development that centres on a divorced husband who has to share custody of their child with the British Royal Family after his ex wife marries a prince. Well, one of the men behind the project is producer Trevor Engleson, who is the real-life ex-husband of Meghan Markle. According to However, it is noted that the idea is "fictional", as Markle and Engleson have no kids together. The idea reportedly originated after Engleson and Farah mused over what would happen if he and Markle had had kids and had to share with the royals.Pippa executed her duties (holding and passing the bouquet, smoothing the train, shepherding pages and bridesmaids up and down and making sure none of them got left behind) beautifully. Though by the time they came out on to the Buckingham Palace balcony he had his grandfather the Duke of Edinburgh to compete with, as the duke indulged in a little light jokey flirting, discovering his sense of humour for the maid-of-honour’s benefit.