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Trajan Column XVII (25) 62 detail- Decebalus conducting the first battle from his vantage point.

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They had a settled and prosperous civilizations with many cities and fortresses .

Thus Bulgaria is rich in finds of Scythian art-products, and the crossing of Thracian and Scythian stock through intermarriage is well attested.

In Homer the Thracian allies of the Trojans still fight with war chariots, whereas Thucydides knows them as mounted archers of the Scythian type, just like the Getae.

The civilians lived around the fortress, down the mountain on man-made terraces. The archaeological inventory found at the site shows that Dacian society had a high standard of living.

Water pipes from Sarmisegethuza Dacian nobility had flowing water, brought through ceramic pipes, in their residences.The tubes made of burnt clay formed a water pipe placed into a wood sewer, together with the hollowed tree trunk, used as a water collecting basin, shows the preoccupation but also the knowledge and masterliness of the Daco-Getas, to ensure some comfort to the Dacian settlements.